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Friday, 15 July 2011

Day 24: Thursday the 14th of July

Today is the second to last day of the manor lodge 2011 fieldwork! With the end upon us, the blogger spoke with some of our long serving third years and external students to find out how the excavation had gone:


Alex, what did you enjoy most about your stay at Manor Lodge?

Every moment at manor lodge is a good moment!

Very good. What helped you through the five weeks of hard work?

Getting involved in as many different tasks as possible - variety is the keys!

Jon, can we interview you?

Do you have to?

Yes indeed. What's been your best experience thus far?

Mattocking with extreme prejudice.

And how have you coped with five weeks of digging alongside your good friend Matt?

Colossal rage.

Kate, was has been your best moment at the lodge this year?

Cleaning 'madra', the Torksey dog's skull!

What techniques have you used to get through five weeks of archaeological work?

Drinking lots on Friday night, wearing lots of black, and attacking random people on the street!

Lily, what's been the highlight of this year's dig for you?

Digging! But seriously, the best part was when we found finds that resembled the trenches we dug last year.

How have you coped with the pressures of archaeological research?

My friends! They kept me sane!

Liv, can you pick out a best moment from manor lodge 2011?

Being in Charlie's archaeological militia!

How have you dealt with being one of the few on the intensive five week placement?

Headphones and a reliable ipod!

Matt, what has been the best moment of the dig for you?

Probably digging my own sondage. Also finding the lead ingot and anything else vaguely metallic.

What skills do you employ to maintain your sanity during the intensive archaeological work you're doing here?

Well I was already insane before I came here anyway, but singing and shouting the whole time certainly helps.

Christian, what's been the best moment of the 2011 dig for you?

Being with the nice people I met here every day.

What coping skills have you employed to keep yourself sane at the lodge?

Archaeology! Honestly, I've been perfectly happy the whole time!

Hello Lucy.

Oh no, I hate interviews!

Ah. Oh well. Can you tell us your favourite moment of the dig this year?

It will be finishing this interview!

Good answer. With that goal in mind, can you briefly enlighten us as to how you have coped with the five week placement here at the manor?

Blocking out Matt and Jon's voices!

Tom, amazingly, it seems you've managed to avoid the camera lens for the whole dig. I hope this picture of Jon's head and a certain northern condiment will suffice. Anywho, what's been your best moment on site this year?

Finally hitting actual archaeology at a depth of 120cm at Torksey.

And how have you dealt with the grueling pressures of modern archaeological work?

Henderson's Relish!

Callum, give us your favourite moment, right now!

Finding the big stone slabs in the long gallery!

And how have you managed to keep yourself motivated during the dig?

Blocked out all the background noise generated by ... an anonymous duo!

Lizzie, you're next for the dreaded interview!

I don't do interviews Huw!

Oh! It's not really an interview. More of a pop quiz. Let's give it a go: what's been your favourite part of the dig?

Flotation actually, I really enjoyed it.

Ah, good. I'll tell whatshisname.


That's the one. And how have you been coping with the intensive work programme?

I haven't. I go to bed dreaming of features, contexts, and soil.

Thanks to all!

The last few days have also seen the processing of finds from the Torksey site ...

... and it was suggested that there would be no problem whatsoever in mixing these finds up with those from manor lodge.
Archaeological hairdo of the year:

Vicky Crewe was this year's proud winner, with this planning-inspired nail bun.
And finally ...

Today was the richest day on record for quote of the day entries, featuring:

Jenny, with the finds processor's mantra: "wash it and see!".

Kate S., to Jenny: "Oh, I didn't realise you were Irish! I thought you were just from a funny part of England!"

Tomorrow will be the last day of the 2011 dig - watch out tomorrow for the coveted 'find of the year' award, as well as an interview with the blogger (the very same!), and a summary of the archaeological findings made at manor lodge.

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