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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Day 22: Tuesday the 12th of July

Bloggers: Nat and Tom G.
Trench 22 update
The 22 Crew were cleaning the entire area of the trench in readiness for recording. Tom was planning again, this time in Trench 21.

Trench 20 update

In Trench 20, Vicky was teaching levelling to two of the external students, Kaitlin and Anna: 

Activities in trench 20 were primarily focused on cleaning today – the sections were finished, and features in the trench were brushed in preparation for photography.  Kate and Alex began to plan the wall feature using a planning grid:

Kate works whilst Alex poses ...
The feature they’re planning follows the course of a wall found to the north in the 1970s. However, the stones filling the feature are too irregular and disturbed to be part of the wall itself, and it is possible, therefore, that we have a ‘robber trench’(i.e. the original stones were robbed at some point in the past, leaving a ‘channel’ that was then filled in with demolition rubble).


What’s your name and where do you come from?
Hi, I’m Danny from California. I attended U.C. (University of California) San Diego.
What do you like to do in your spare time?
I’m a big fan of history books, but I also enjoy the theatre. I’m a bit of an actor, and I’ve been in a number of Shakespeare plays.
Ah. So, who’s your favourite Shakespeare character?
Bottom from Midsummer Night’s Dream!
And your ideal archaeological dig?
Definitely a Roman site – I think excavating a catacomb would be awesome.
Interview no. 2
[Puts on fake Yorkshire accent] What’s tha name pet?
It’s Cathryn.
Are you at university then?
No, I’m currently in grade ten in school. I’ve lived in Britain and America, and I’m now based in Singapore!
Out of those three, which is your favourite?
Well, I’d certainly live in Britain. 
Why did you choose Manor Lodge?
It was one of the few digs in Britain that accepts aspiring archaeologists that are still in school!
And your ideal archaeological dig?
Definitely in Italy!
Anywhere in particular?
Whatever arose!  In particular, southern Italy.
Thanks to those guys for the interviews and sustaining the banter throughout!

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