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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Day 7: Tuesday the 21st of June

Interview with Anthony: An American Anthropologist in Sheffield
Anthony recently graduated from an anthropology degree at San Diego university, and is currently on a two-week placement at Manor Lodge.

Hello Anthony. How are you enjoying your first dig? We’ve had some Californian sunshine especially for you!
Loving it! It’s my first taste of archaeology. It’s been nice meeting so many great people. Rain or shine it’s good for me – beats 9-5 in an office.
Is there a lot of archaeology in San Diego?
All of the archaeology I did was in class, but there is archaeology, mostly local stuff, especially artefacts from the Kumeyaag Indians, and from the arrival of the Spanish.
How have you found Sheffield – I seem to recall you were fortunate enough to sample its nightlife last Friday?
Ah … Sheffield! It’s quite fun … from what I remember.
How does it compare to a night out in San Diego?
San Diego is pretty crazy – I’d say Sheffield was like a Thursday night in San Diego or something! We haven’t got any pubs or anything though.
So is California just like the stereotype we see on shows like the OC? Is everyone just rollerblading around in their bikinis, stashing away delinquents in their pool houses?
[Laughs] No, not at all. You’ll find more skateboarders and beach cruisers! It comes with the territory though – with constant sunshine you just hang out at the beach during the day and party at night.
Sounds awful. While we’re on the subject, what stereotypes of Americans annoy you the most?
[Pauses]. I dunno, they’re all pretty valid! Fat, loud, noisy. Beach-bum Californians. The most annoying is people assuming we’re all like hicks from Texas.
Yeah, I guess Bush didn’t help with that …
Not at all. My grandma would be a better president, and she doesn’t speak English.
Okay, let’s have a little Anglo-American competition. Which do you prefer, British pubs or American bars?
British pubs. It’s nice to be able to talk.
Good start. Californian sunshine or Sheffield rain?
[Laughs]. I’ll take the sunshine.
English beers or American pisswater?
[Claps] English beers!
Dry British humour or overt American humour?
Oo, that’s a tough one. For me … dry British humour.
And finally, American girls or British girls? Careful with this one.
That’s tough. You certainly can’t beat golden California girls, but British girls have the accent. I think it’s a draw. Let’s say I wouldn’t mind meeting a British girl in a test pit! … I don’t know why they’d be in a test pit but …
Maybe looking for a missing pair of tights. Anyway, that’s 4-2 to Britain. Maybe you should move here?
I should move. I’d like to spend half the year here, the winter … I’ve never seen the snow.
We’ll send you back with a freezer box full of snow.
Thanks very much!
Disappointment of the day: the cesspit ... is probably not a cesspit! Simon's team have discovered not poo but plaster in the long gallery's feature.

Another rich day brings you a bumper finds of the day, including:

Plaster, possibly painted
Two balls used for games
Animals bones, including one with cut marks (top right), arranged in an amusing manner by Anthony.
Simon says ....

Today, speaking about the archaeological significance of  finding large deposits of plaster in the long gallery, Simon says, "it's a pain in the ass because you can't mattock through it".

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