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Monday, 20 June 2011

Day 4: Thursday the 16th of June

Day 4: witness the incredible transformation of graduand and renowned test-pitter Simon into accomplished archaeological lecturer, as he and Dawn put on a workshop on ceramics found at manor lodge. Simon explained what we can learn about the pottery manufacturing past of the lodge by examining ceramic fragments and the saggars in which the pottery was made.

Simon, looking distinctly plausible as a lecturer, took to the stage alongside Dawn ...
... ran a practical class to help students to analyse the ceramic material ...
... for instance explaining how we can tell that certain saggars were never put to use by their lighter colour and lack of blemishes ...
... before finally becoming enraged with the photographer and electing to brain him with a saggar.
Elsewhere, Alvara provided tuition on drawing:

Alvaro's famous round table summit underway

Whilst geophysical surveys continued in the fish pond:

Measuring up areas to be surveyed

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