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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Day 6: Monday the 20th of June

Day six sees the return of find of the day, and an unprecedented scrap for the honour.

Finds of the day

The people's choice was the used pair of tights found in one of Charlie's test pits. The tights were not available for a photo shoot at the time of going to press, but rest assured that we will bring you photographs and an interview with the hosiery as soon as they emerge (assuming they weren't re-interred for hygiene reasons...). At any rate, the find was discovered by Jon, who is now racing away with the finds league.

The archaeologists' choice was the possible cesspit found in the long gallery:

The suspected cesspit is the hole in the centre

A close up ... hold your breath

The possible cesspit in context in the long gallery
A section will be excavated to determine if this feature is in fact a cesspit - if it is, it may contain a high concentration of archaeological material.

In other news, test pits have begun in the back gardens of several local volunteers, as we try to build up a picture of the archaeological activity in the lodge's surroundings areas. Meanwhile, several archaeologists today feared they were trapped after suspicions were raised that they were being cemented into the finds processing basement. Despite briefly considering cannibalism, escape tunnels, and a round of bitsa, their fears ultimately proved to be unfounded, and all were able to return to work.

And finally...

There's just time for a quick game of Simon Says, bringing you the best archaeological tidbits from trench supervisor Simon:

Today, Simon says:

"Archaeologists like cesspits, because they are full of poo".

Simon will sadly be leaving us at the end of the week, so keep an ear open for such archaeological witticisms whilst you can!

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